Isadora Cruxên
PhD Candidate | MIT


Refereed Journal Articles

“The Limits of Insulation: The Long-Term Political Dynamics of Public-Private Service Delivery,” International Development Planning Review, Forthcoming 2021.

The Promise of Proximity: The Politics of Knowledge and Learning in South-South Cooperation between Water Operators,” with Gabriella Carolini and Daniel Gallagher.  Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 2018, 37:7, 1157-1175.

Participação Social e Desigualdades nos Conselhos Nacionais” (Public Participation and Inequality in National Councils), with Joana Alencar, Igor Fonseca, Roberto Pires and Uriella Ribeiro. Sociologias, 2013, 15:32, 112–146.

Articles Under Review

“Feminicide & Counterdata Collection: Activist Efforts to Monitor and Challenge Gender-Based Violence,” with Catherine D’Ignazio, Helena Suarez Val, Silvana Fumega, Maria de los Angeles Martinez, Mariel Garcia-Montes, Harini Suresh and Wonyoung So, 2020.
Book Chapters
“Infrastructure: The Harmonization of an Asset Class and Implications for Local Governance,” with Gabriella Carolini. In The Routledge Handbook of Financial Geography. Edited by Knox-Hayes, J. and Wójcik, D. Routledge, forthcoming.

“Teaching Participatory Action Research: The Search for Pedagogical Insights,” with Lawrence Susskind and Dayna Cunningham. In (Participatory) Action Research: Principles, Approaches and Applications. Edited by Calder, J. and Foletta J. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2018.

“Participação Social no Planejamento Federal: um olhar a partir das Conferências Nacionais de Políticas Públicas,” with Joana Alencar and Uriella Ribeiro. In Planejamento Brasil século XXI: inovação institucional e refundação administrativa: elementos para o pensar e o agir. Edited by José Celso Cardoso Jr. Brasília: IPEA, 2015, 259–294.

“Conferências típicas e atípicas: um esforço de caracterização do fenômeno politico,” with Clóvis Souza, Paula Lima, Joana Alencar and Uriella Ribeiro. In Conferências Nacionais: atores, dinâmicas participativas e efetividade. Edited by Leonardo Avritzer and Clóvis Souza. Brasília: IPEA, 2013, 25–52.

“Feminismo e Fórum Social Mundial: revendo a relação entre redistribuição e reconhecimento.” In Fórum Social Mundial: a transnacionalização da sociedade civil brasileira. Edited by Marisa von Bülow. Brasília: Universidade de Brasília, 2013, 115–136.

“Feminicide & Machine Learning: Detecting Gender-based Violence to Strengthen Civil Sector Activism,” with Catherine D’Ignazio, Helena Suarez Val, Silvana Fumega, Harini Suresh, Wonyoung So, Maria de los Angeles Martinez, and Mariel Garcia-Montes. Mechanism Design for Social Good Workshop (MD4SG), August 17-19, 2020. (New Horizons Award for Most Inspiring Paper)

“Two-headed monsters? The Politics of Public-Private Relations in Water & Sanitation Provision in Brazil.” Effective States and Inclusive Development Conference, Manchester, UK, September 9-11, 2019.

“Muddled Waters: Unraveling Public-Private Relations in Mixed-Ownership Water & Sanitation Companies in Brazil.” 57th Annual Conference of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Denver, CO, October 12-15, 2017. (GPEIG Best Student Paper on International Planning Award)

“The Power of Proximate Peers: Practical Learning and Teaching Among South American Water and Sanitation Operators,” with Gabriella Carolini and Daniel Gallagher. Annual Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Lima, Peru, April 29–May 01, 2017.

“Fluid Dynamics: Politics and Social Struggle in São Paulo’s Water Crisis.” 47th Urban Affairs Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN, April 19-22, 2017.

“Condicionantes e influências de desenhos institucionais em Conferências Nacionais,” with Clóvis Souza, Joana Alencar and Uriella Ribeiro. Annual Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Washington, D.C., May 29–June 1, 2013.

“Participação social e desigualdade nos conselhos nacionais,” Roberto Pires, Joana Alencar and Igor Fonseca. VIII Encontro da Associação Brasileira de Ciência Política. Gramado, August, 2012.
Other Work
New uses for old rivers: Rediscovering urban waterways,” with Andrea Beck. Projections, 14, 2019. (Edited volume)

"Configuring the World: A Critical Political Economy Approach Richard T. Griffiths." Journal of Economic Geography, 2018, 18:3, 687–688. (Book review)

Como a Participação Social fortalece a Democracia,” with Roberto Pires, Joana Alencar and Paula Lima. Carta Capital, June 2014. (Opinion essay)

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