Water, politics & finance

The Limits of Insulation: The Long-Term Political Dynamics of Public-Private Service Delivery,” International Development Planning Review, 2022, 44(2), 317–343.  (accepted version also available here)

Disordering Capital: The Politics of Business in the Business of Water Provision, Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2022.

  • Historicizes private investment in water and sanitation in Brazil, unpacks variation in forms of ownership, examines increasing financialization
  • Shows how business mobilization contributed to the approval of a new regulatory framework (Novo Marco Legal do Saneamento, Lei n. 14.026) in 2020
  • Provides context for understanding why water and sanitation PPPs have been increasing in Brazil. 

Infrastructure: The Harmonization of an Asset Class and Implications for Local Governance,” co-authored with Gabriella Carolini. In The Routledge Handbook of Financial Geography. Edited by Knox-Hayes, J. and Wójcik, D. Routledge, 2020, 232-260. 

The Promise of Proximity: The Politics of Knowledge and Learning in South-South Cooperation between Water Operators,” co-authored with Gabriella Carolini and Daniel Gallagher.  Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 2018, 37(7), 1157–1175.

Fluid dynamics: politics and social struggle in São Paulo's water crisis (2014-2015), Master’s Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016.

Working papers

“Against the ‘Local’ Grain: Finance and the Politics of Water Provision in Brazil” (drafts presented at ACSP 2021, AAG 2022, and GECG 2022 conferences).

“No Investors, No Reform: How Business Power Drove Regulatory Change in Water and Sanitation Delivery in Brazil” (draft presented at Repal 2021).

Activism, participation & knowledge production

Feminicide and counterdata production: Activist efforts to monitor and challenge gender-related violence,” co-authored with Catherine D’Ignazio, Helena Suarez Val, Ángeles Martinez Cuba, Mariel Garcia-Montes, Silvana Fumega, Harini Suresh and Wonyoung So. Patterns, 2022, 

  • Science, “Murders of women worldwide remain vastly undercounted. Activists are now filling in the gaps” (June 2022)
  • Sinc, “Activismo de datos para vigilar y combatir los feminicidios” (June 2022)

Towards Intersectional Feminist and Participatory ML: A Case Study in Supporting Feminicide Counterdata Collection,” co-authored with Harini Suresh, Rajiv Movva, Amelia Lee Dogan, Rahul Bhargava, Ángeles Martinez Cuba, Giulia Taurino, Wonyoung So, and Catherine D'Ignazio. FAccT’22 – ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, 2022, June 21-24, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Participação Social e Desigualdades nos Conselhos Nacionais” (Public Participation and Inequality in National Councils), co-authored with Joana Alencar, Igor Fonseca, Roberto Pires and Uriella Ribeiro. Sociologias, 2013, 15(32), 112–146.

Teaching Participatory Action Research: The Search for Pedagogical Insights,” co-authored with Lawrence Susskind and Dayna Cunningham.  In (Participatory) Action Research: Principles, Approaches and Applications. Edited by Calder, J. and Foletta J. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2018, 126–127.

“Participação Social no Planejamento Federal: um olhar a partir das Conferências Nacionais de Políticas Públicas,” co-authored with with Joana Alencar and Uriella Ribeiro. In Planejamento Brasil século XXI: inovação institucional e refundação administrativa: elementos para o pensar e o agir. Edited by José Celso Cardoso Jr. Brasília: IPEA, 2015, 259–294.

“Conferências típicas e atípicas: um esforço de caracterização do fenômeno politico,” co-authored with lóvis Souza, Paula Lima, Joana Alencar and Uriella Ribeiro. In Conferências Nacionais: atores, dinâmicas participativas e efetividade. Edited by Leonardo Avritzer and Clóvis Souza. Brasília: IPEA, 2013, 25–52.

“Feminismo e Fórum Social Mundial: revendo a relação entre redistribuição e reconhecimento.” In Fórum Social Mundial: a transnacionalização da sociedade civil brasileira. Edited by Marisa von Bülow. Brasília: Universidade de Brasília, 2013, 115–136.

Other publications

New uses for old rivers: Rediscovering urban waterways,” 2019. Projections, 14. MIT Press. (Journal volume co-edited with Andrea Beck).

Configuring the World: A Critical Political Economy Approach Richard T. Griffiths,” 2018. Journal of Economic Geography, 18:3, 687–688. (Book review)